Our People

We're a collaborative team of artists, creatives, and aspiring comedians led by two directors. Meet the right-hand men.


Jean-Marc Le Doux

Creative Director/Partner

A wizard in the art of creative alchemy, my quest is simple: to concoct marketing gold from a brew of story and design. I'm often found in my tower practicing movie magic tricks and conjuring forth emotive and cinematic qualities in a new projects, with minimal sleight of hand.

Fun Facts on Hand

  • Played Han Solo in "Kylo," a viral Star Wars Adele parody.
  • Says “Good luck, Macbeth” backstage before community theater performances.
  • Often confuses some things with other things. Or is it other things with some things?
  • Found a treasure map under a giant X.
  • Purchased a taxidermied bear, just so he could point at stuff "with his bear hands."

See some of Jean-Marc's media magic here.

Jarin Foster

Animation Director/Partner

An adventurer in creation, I fervently explore the realms of art, design, stillness, and motion. Intentionally and beautifully combining narrative with aesthetic, I handcraft visual experiences which transport viewers into never-before-seen lands, awakening their spirit of adventure.

Fun Facts on Hand

  • Played a ferocious fowl in a never-released viral video.
  • Measures 77” plus another inch for the hair. That’s two inches taller than John Wayne (when he was last upright).
  • Studied the process of applying heat to bread, but then ate the freshly toasted data.
  • Invested in essential oils when they were optional.
  • Calls a thin moon a “croissant".
  • Drifted his car through a blizzard at Dairy Queen.

Partake in some of Jarin's visual adventures here.

Our handy team.


From concept to final delivery, our crew of creative masterminds work their magic at every stage of production to bring your dream to life. Here are a few of their specialities.